C2R RAMP Review

So I finally finished the rig I reviewed a few days back with the addition of an Individual First Aid Kit sent to me by the guys over at C2R, so I’ve decided to give it a bit of an overview of sorts detailing how I’ve found it to operate and what it offers.

The C2R RAMP (Rapid Access Medical Pouch) consists of two separate units, the pouch itself which contains your medical equipment and the base which attaches to your Rig via MOLLE. The pouch will then bind to the base using a panel of velcro and is then secured in place with a strip of cordura and an ITW surface buckle.

On the exterior of the pouch you’ll find a pocket suitable for nitrile gloves and gauze, personally I run the gloves in a separate pouch on my belt, but chances are some will go in that pocket anyway. Just inside the main pocket there’s two more strips of cordura that can sit between the two zips that border the pouch, which will make getting into it much quicker than operating the zips themselves.

Inside there’s a few bands of elastic which will secure larger kit in place such as your tourniquets and Emergency Trauma Dressings in place, along with some smaller strips of elastic similar to shotgun shell loops for shears, sharpies etc. I’m not exactly genned up or trained with the use of most medical appliances so forgive me for not being able to give the best insight into what to fill it with. There is however plenty of room left behind once you have the essentials in place so any extras you feel you may need shouldn’t be an issue with the room you have.

Getting to the pouch off is pretty easy. You’ll find a handle at the top that gives you great leverage, but ultimately in a real situation it won’t be you using it as it’ll be down to your teammates to sort you out. That being said I haven’t had any issues getting it off myself, from the lower back of the rig, both whilst inverted (so the handle is at the bottom) and the correct way up.

To compare it to my SOF IFAK it’s much easier to use in a hurry, the SOF has a flap more than a handle so you can’t get a good hold of it yourself, and there’s only the velcro holding it on whereas the RAMP has the added protection of the strip retaining it. The SOF however does have a couple more compartments to separate certain items, and the RAMP does not. Saying that I don’t actually use said compartments as I prefer my kit to be as streamlined as possible. Another thing is the addition of a lanyard on the detachable panel inside the IFAK which means if you need to break to engage a hostile for instance, you don’t lose it. Again this is something I prefer about the C2R IFAK as the whole pouch comes off so there’s no chance of you launching potentially life saving equipment everywhere.

Overall I’m really happy with it, I really could do with packing it out with some more items, for use at events and long term with some proper hardware (and the training to accompany it). I must send my thanks to C2R for sending this piece of kit out to me, it really means a lot! Same goes to Tom of E27 for his guidance on the medical aspects of this article.


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Been playing Airsoft for 6 and a half years currently, definitely a fan of realism, impressions and so on. Started Cohort as a means to make my own content at my own pace, so we can only wait and see where it takes us!

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